Best Metal Detectors from Trans Bay Metal Detectors 650-574-2012   Category General Purpose Coin Hunting, Relic Hunting, Beach Hunting, Cache Hunting, BASED on My Experience and Opinions.... part of the story PER MY EXPERIENCE AND OPINION.

My #1 Seller
White's SST: Just introduced in March 2013, the Sierra Super Trac has proven to be the BEST in both Performance and Value against any other metal detector on the market today. 

Designed with the MXT Pro Horsepower, as well as the same Superior Ground Tracking System, so important so you can detect deeper in difficult soil conditions.  

The Sierra Super Trac comes standard with the HIGH Mineral 6x10 DD Coil which normally will add another 179.95 to the price.  

At a retail of just under 700.00, when you figure Jimmy Sierra is offering a limited $100.00 off coupon, for just under $600.00 your getting the BEST Coil and Circuit for our difficult West Coast Conditions.   You will not see this model mail ordered as it is available only through your LOCAL White's Metal Detector Professionals in Select Dealers on the West Coast.  


Tejon: 17.5 kHz: Twin Discrimination, Manual Ground Balance, Excellent Balance and Lightweight with Very Fast Response makes this a very strong performer in its price class.  It also features Tesoro's famous 180 Discriminator to ensure maximum penetration through high mineral and black sand conditions. Like most of Tesoro's line, this is a hunt by ear detector with no visual discriminator.

Vaquero: 15 kHz Manual Ground Balance with Frequency Switch, Ultra Light Weight running on just One 9 volt Battery makes this an excellent choice for those that want to go for the jewelry and elusive nickels. 

Outlaw 10.6 kHz Manual Ground Balance with Three Search Coils and Rods make this Make and Model the BEST Value and Performance Combination.  As of 7/29/2012, the Industry's Newest Bad Boy in the Metal Detecting Industry. NOW available with 8" only Loop at a reduced price if you so choose.

Compadre 12 kHz and One Knob Operation make this the Poor Man's Gold Machine.   Its Ultra-Lightweight One 9 volt Battery make this Ideal for the Adult as well as the child.   So good at sniffing out small gold and jewelry Golden State frequently rents this particular model out.

Silver UMax; at 10.6 kHz with a All Metal Motion Switch (giving it 180 Discriminator Performance), at $299.00, this Feather Weight Deep Detection Detector is hard to BEAT.   Very Effective in Black Sand Beaches where Gold Rings and Nickels can virtually Disappear from other pretenders 1" under the Black Sand.   This Silver UMax Gets The JOB Done.

MXT PRO; Like the SST, the MXT Circuit delivers to you, the Industry's BEST Autotraq System with Manual Grab Button, 15 kHz and Three Modes of Operation. Back Light and Target Tone ID. Virtually Zero Sweep Speed Capable without tuning out deep targets.   Large Screen Visability with Excellent Resolution running on an 8 Cell Battery Pack.   

M-6: Same as MXT but Silent Search Only with Target Tone ID, 

Coinmaster GT:
Introduced 10/2012, White's is Offering MORE for less at undser $400.00 including a FULL time Ground Tracking System, Loud Alert Audio, Back Light, THREE Tone (Iron, Low (GOLD), High (SILVER).. too many other features to list.. go to Whites Electronics Web and also check out the Jimmy Sierra Special Deal strictly for our Local West Coast Customers.

AT-PRO Semi-Manual Push Button Ground Balance, Wide Scan Coil Standard, Dual Level Discriminator with Adjustable Iron Disc.  15 kHz Lightweight Configuration and Water Resistant to 10 feet. 

Ace 350 8.25 kHz Zone Discrimination Slow Sweep Detector.   Some Target Blending Noted.  Popular in Price Range but Preset Ground Balance as most of Garrett's metal detectors are.  Unable to Lock on the All Metal Mode.

FISHER Metal Detectors
F75 13+ kHz Slow Motion, Larger View Screen full Range of Sensitivity buy unsuable at higher levels.  Wide Scan Coil Standard with smaller coils available. 
Ultra Fast Recovery with Variable Discrimination.   Target Tone Variability Setting gives you one Tone or Two or More.  Light Weight and a Good Choice for those that might find the MXT a bit too tiring.    

F2 6 kHz +/- with Zone Discrimination and two Search Head Package available MAP priced at under $250.00

TEKNETICS Metal Detectors
Similar in Circuit to Fisher this Line was developed to satisfy marketing in England.    Use S-Rods rather than D Rods.  The Red Headed Step Children of
the First Texas Line-Up.    First Texas Developed the Line to Keep the Peace among the English Dealers who have to sell either Teknetics or Fisher but not both.
I know this because one of my customers is a Fisher Dealer who has purchased used Tesoros from me to bring back and sell because the retail is twice as much as we in the US pay because of Government.  I sell both but not for long.l

XP Metal  Detectors
DEUS: Industry's Most Sophisticated Fully Wireless Metal Detector under 2 lbs and an array of features.   Boasts Selectable Frequencies from 4 kHz to 18 kHz.
BEST Model between 1000 and 2000.00.   This FRENCH machine is the Qui Qui of the Industry.   Known for sniffing out Deep Targets in Trash missed by the
Competition.        XP produces a complete line-up but not available in the US to my knowledge and one purchased from Europe will not enjoy US Service so it has to be sent back to France for repair.

MINELAB Metal  Detectors
Explorer Series: E-Traq is  still the choice for the money in spite of the new 3030 which seems to have identical performace, just a Color Screen which is Drab by White's Electronics Spectra Series.   

AKA the Silver Magnet, a slight improvement in many areas over previous Explorers but the old Explorer II continues to be in the Expert's view, the BEST of the Explorer Series.  

For additional Minelab Models and Information, Please visit Larry's Web Site at

CHINESE Based Metal Detectors:
Counterfeits walk among us but expect no service so they are throw away detectors. 

When it comes to the Mass Market Models sold under various names like the Viper, MDX, Sand Shark and others please beware and stay away.   I have aquired many of these units through trade ins and their performance falls way short in terms of depth and falsing over Black Sand and even in the air the depth is DISMAL.  

So what is the motivation to sell the GARBAGE to unknowing customers who are tempted by  Inflated Retail Pricing of $800.00 on sale for $325.00 coupled with Advertising Hype and watch 'The New Victims' call and give the order takers their Credit Card Numbers.   

Frequently sold with Bundling Packages; Inferior Accessories ALSO Hyper Inflated to think your going to get $200 to 400 Accessories for FREE.   That's right

Manufacturers set retail pricing based on their R&D Costs, Materials, Features and Performance. Make sure you focus on American Made Products and BEWARE of Private Label Detectors and Accessories marketed through just one dealer out of over 1000 in the US.   Most Dealers are lucky to make 20% on their Inventory after Overhead which includes Shipping, Advertising etc.    This is not like the Retail Jewelry Market.

You NEED to come down and visit my shop in person to make the right choice based on a Detailed Dicussion with Greg, who has 40 years of experience in the hobby and over 30 years working with various customers.    In person, we can figure out the BEST Detector for your needs.







































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