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Located in the San Francisco Bay Area
right by the San Mateo Bridge

Call 650-574-2012 (home office)  or 650-346-2848 (cell) for an appointment

FREE demonstrations - FREE customer training - FREE delivery
FREE customer rentals in case your detector needs servicing.

White's, Tesoro, Garrett, Fisher, XP Deus, Detector PRO & Teknetics

Multi-line dealers can give you a true choice.

You are going to miss many of the valuables you are looking to find without advanced techniques and information your local experts share with customers. Local seasonal ground conditions can vary greatly.

You need help.

You NEED to come down and visit my shop in person to make the right choice based on a detailed discussion with me. I have 40 years of experience in the hobby and over 30 years working with many customers, so you have the opportunity to handle the various models, how they feel in your hands. and experience how they are balanced and how they respond to my test board. You'll be able to listen to the audio and compare it to another competitive model.

Another important thing  that I feel strongly about is that you do not fall victim to common bait and switch tactics. You need to stick to your guns and buy the above mentioned, proven brands, and stay away from sub-standard metal detectors that have been made cheaply in China or elsewhere, with poorly designed circuits that can't penetrate a bowl of oatmeal.
For instance, here is a typical mail order deal:
Acme Chinese detector, INFLATED retail price of $900.00, on sale for as low as $250.00 and with free shipping, of course…
Good deal, right?... NOT!!!!
The truth is that that detector costs them as little as $70.00 per unit, or even less, so they mark it up as an "80% offsale. 

Aside from new metal detectors, I also carry a selection of pre-owned metal detectors at additional savings! Call 650-574-2012 or 650-346-2848(cell) or email me at for additional information or questions. If you want to schedule an appointment, call between 9am and 1pm.

During your visit, be sure to ask about the "Enlightenment Package", free with detector purchase, offered to you by "the Power of Two", namely myself and Big Valley Metal Detectors in Citrus Heights, in the Sacramento area. We provide no confusing, hyped information or make phony claims. Get the straight scoop, and quality metal detector and accessories that were MADE in the USA. Let p
assionate, smart professional metal detector experts TEACH you the finer points of treasure hunting so you know what you're doing, resulting in successfully finding valuables passed up by those "not enlightened".
Do not expect too much help from members of your local club, because they are competing for the same treasure you're after...

The BEST deal is to buy locally, getting the best package for YOU in a timely manner and without delays.
You'll have maximum understanding and success. 


Mission Statement:
"I've tried to set up this website to contain straight forward talk and not be like a company with a shopping cart. They offer limited or no assistance after the sale, advertise a perceived lower 'sale' price scheme fraught with hidden shipping and handling charges (read the fine print) and you often can run the risk of receiving a damaged or repacked detector someone else sent back in spite of suffering restocking fees, generally because they did not understand their metal detector."

Most of all, mail order outfits don't
offer ongoing training from someone with experience of over 40 years!!!! What they do offer are junk bundling schemes... that is, take $12.00 worth of inferior, cheap accessories and then claim you're getting $200.00 + plus with your detector. Oh... it also gives them the opportunity to tack on shipping fees you were not considering so their free shipping on the detector becomes anything but free. 

One of Big Valley's customers will no longer deal with one of the large mail order concerns. When he got his credit card statement, he was charged not once but three times, and the accessories received (which tacked on almost 60.00 in shipping) were junk. He also received his detector 3 weeks after the order and guess what?? He got the WRONG detector for his needs and our area. Don't get snookered.

Greg Moscini, owner of Trans Bay Metal Detectors since 1983, has been associated with Larry Manger, owner of Big Valley Metal Detectors, since 2005 and have over 60 years of combined experience!!!

Do not make the mistake of ordering online without any of the necessary training
in the subtle differences between professionally built metal detectors. It can make all the difference in the world to you. Unlike most retail outlets, Larry and I and other enthused former hobbyists conduct our business with performance demo comparisons and free training after your purchase from us.

What's best for me (or someone else...), may not be best for you!

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